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UBL Bank of Pakistan

The UBL Bank of Pakistan – A Cut Above the Rest!

The UBL Bank of Pakistan opened its doors to the public in 2009, and in the short time that it has been around, it has made itself known as one of the most reliable and trustworthy banks in the country. 

Not only are there over 100 branches scattered across the country, but this bank also boasts of ATM networks located throughout all major cities in Pakistan. 

It’s actually an amazing feat considering the fact that this bank was only launched five years ago! What more, the UBL Bank of Pakistan offers their services to international clients as well as domestic clients via their online banking site.

1#About the UBL Bank

UBL Bank is a Pakistani bank based in Karachi, with branches all over the country. The bank was established in 1972 and since then has grown to become one of Pakistan's leading banks. 

UBL offers some of the most competitive rates for loans and deposits as well as having excellent customer service. 

UBL also offers a large range of products including home, auto and term insurance, credit cards, personal loans and online banking. 

They are committed to customer satisfaction and use their experience to provide you with financial solutions that suit your needs. 

If you are looking for a hassle agree way to improve your finances, give them a call or stop by one of their conveniently located branches today. 

UBL also offers a large range of products including home, auto and term insurance, credit cards, personal loans and online banking. 

They are committed to customer satisfaction and use their experience to provide you with financial solutions that suit your needs. 

If you want to learn more about what UBL can do for you get in touch with us today! For many people in Pakistan, getting a loan from the UBL Bank means taking out a car loan so they can buy an automobile. 

In this day and age, cars are considered to be vital parts of our lives, so not only does it make sense to get financing for them, but it's important too. 

People often find themselves trapped in negative equity when they buy cars on monthly installments because they don't factor depreciation into their budgeting process. 

That being said, here are three ways you can save money on a new vehicle purchase: 

1) Buy Used - When buying used cars in Lahore look for vehicles which were originally bought with cash or finance; 

2) Get a Guaranteed Vehicle Appraisal - By obtaining a guaranteed vehicle appraisal we will inspect the car for any mechanical issues and perform any necessary repairs before you take ownership; 

3) Consider Leasing - We'll lease you the vehicle at the agreed upon price and there is no need to worry about depreciation. You simply pay off the balance of the car in monthly installments until it's paid off. 

Contact us today for more information about leasing and let us help you select the best vehicle for your needs! 

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We are eager to hear your thoughts and are always looking for feedback. Comment below or message us with your opinion, and thank you again for reading! What is Car Loan? 

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2#Advantages of Car Loan Financing 

1. Automobiles depreciate rapidly in value, meaning that cars that are financed typically lose more than 30% of their value after two years and more than 40% after five years. With car loan financing you can avoid paying these excessive amounts by choosing to repay your car in manageable increments instead. 

2. If you buy a car with cash, your initial investment will be made up of the amount you spend on the vehicle and the interest charges. 

This can lead to buyers experiencing what's known as negative equity or owing more on their car than it is worth. However, with a car loan, monthly installments are based on what you owe for the vehicle and not what it may be worth in future, so you never have to worry about negative equity. 

3. Car loans are attractive for those who wish to keep investing in other assets as well. This way buyers can put more money towards retirement savings, building up a credit score or even saving up for another major purchase such as a home or business. 

4. In addition, many people find that car loans provide them with greater peace of mind. Knowing you have an agreed yup on monthly payment makes it easier to budget and plan ahead. Plus, because the interest rates on car loans are usually significantly lower than those offered by other types of personal finance, this means you end up paying less in total. 

5. Another perk is that once you've repaid your car, you won't be left without transport - which could otherwise happen when leasing a vehicle or if you were to buy it outright using cash. 

6. So next time you are considering buying a new automobile but are hesitant because of worries about not having enough money upfront to make the purchase, think again!

3#Why are some Banks better than others?

Banks are not all created equal. Some are more reputable than others, and some may offer better services to their customers. 

The UBL Bank of Pakistan is one such bank that has been recognized for its exemplary customer service, lending practices, and its commitment to developing a strong relationship with both its customers and fellow Pakistani banks. 

For example, when the country was facing economic instability in 2007, the UBL Bank opened new branches to ensure that its clients had access to their funds on a day-to-day basis. 

In addition, they haha lo a taken strides toward financial inclusion by expanding their ATM network across the country in order to make it easier for rural residents who live far from a branch location to access their funds. 

The UBL Bank of Pakistan is truly an institution that upholds traditional values in banking, as well as leading the way into modernity through innovation. 

With over 300 branches and 2,000 ATMs throughout Pakistan, the UBL Bank offers an extensive range of financial products including home loans, car financing, credit cards, personal loans, and microfinance. Additionally it is ranked 

#1 among Pakistani banks in terms of client satisfaction rates. What’s more, this innovative institution also boasts a highly skilled team that provides advisory services to small-medium enterprises (SNES). 

As of 2012, UBL Bank's SME division accounted for 45% of the bank's loan portfolio. Through these investments in SNES, the bank can provide assistance to entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their businesses within PakistanPakistan. 

It does so by providing consultative services, feasibility studies, training programs and even seed funding to help SMEs succeed. UBL Bank also offers free workshops which teach how to manage finances and be financially literate. 

These workshops are aimed at improving literacy amongst the general population in Pakistan. 

Unlike other banks which charge high interest rates on revolving lines of credit, 

UBL Bank only charges 3%. Furthermore, if your line of credit is greater than Rs 50 million ($500k USD), then you will pay a flat rate of 1% interest per month - significantly lower than most other financial institutions in Pakistan. 

Finally, the UBL Bank offers a wide variety of other benefits to its clients such as: convenience services like 24/7 automated tellers and SMS alerts; international acceptance; personalized savings accounts for children; and much more. When you need a bank that gives back, visit the UBL Bank of Pakistan today! 

The UBL Bank is one of those rare banks that strives to meet both business and personal banking needs. In fact, it has even been recognized by Forbes Asia as being among the top 100 Asian companies alongside names like Samsung, Sony, Nintendo and Qualcomm. 

By making education a priority through initiatives such as financial literacy workshops for individuals in Pakistan, coupled with its commitment to integrity through responsible lending practices and environmental initiatives (like ensuring all branches have solar panels), it has earned an enviable reputation for doing good while also performing well financially. 

Whether you’re looking for an account to manage your business finances or just trying to make ends meet each month, it’s hard not to recommend an institution with so many positive traits at heart. The UBL Bank of Pakistan is one such institution. 

With the Bank's more than 300 branches and 2000 ATMS spread across the country, it is easy to find a convenient place to access your funds. The UBL Bank also has a diverse product selection with all the different types of accounts you might need, as well as competitively low interest rates for borrowing. 

From opening up new branches during tough times in 2007 to increasing its ATM network in more remote areas of the country, the bank has always been innovating in ways that work for its customers' needs. 

In short, the UBL Bank not only has a sustainable model but one that continues to create value through improvements that are specifically tailored for Pakistani citizens. If you're considering investing in a bank that can provide peace of mind along with customer satisfaction, look no further than the UBL Bank. You'll be glad you did. 

As many people have experienced first-hand, banking can be stressful when you have too many bills or suddenly have less income coming in. This makes it even more important to partner with a financial institution that will work hard to meet your needs. 

By focusing on integrity above anything else, along with its commitment to doing good by individuals and communities alike, there’s no question why so many people continue to trust their money (and time) with the UBL Bank of Pakistan. 

As such, if you’re looking for an easier way to manage your finances while also feeling like you’re contributing back into your community at large, consider giving these guys a shot - they won't disappoint! 

When you need to know that your financial interests are protected by a professional and well-respected institution, look no further than the UBL Bank of Pakistan. 

With lower interest rates for revolving lines of credit as well as automated tellers available through every branch across the country, it's hard not to recommend them to anyone who is looking for convenient access to their funds. 

It has been innovating since 2007 through increased ATM installations in outlying areas of Pakistan as well as launching new branches during tough economic times; which just goes further towards demonstrating its overall commitment to quality service through meeting customer needs above all else. 

Sure, the other banks may offer a few perks here and there, but this institution stands tall among the competition. After all, it would be irresponsible to recommend something without first living it yourself. 

So take a moment to stop by any branch or call customer service line today. You owe it to yourself to see what the UBL Bank of Pakistan has to offer.

Deposits, Loans and Mortgages with UBL Bank

UBL is one of the leading banks in Pakistan. It offers a wide range of services, including deposits, loans and mortgages. 

All these are delivered with precision and care. They are always looking for ways to enhance customers' experience and have introduced innovative products and services that provide more convenience. 

Mortgages from UBL are customized and flexible. Customers can choose between fixed-rate or variables rate mortgages, as well as traditional amortization periods (15 years) or unusual ones (10 years). 

It's clear that when it comes to banking there is no one size fits all. To suit their needs perfectly, there are accounts designed for individuals, businesses, corporations and even government agencies. 

There's also a diverse array of savings products available such as savings accounts, time deposits, certificates of deposit (CDs), fixed deposit certificates (FDD) and current account sweep investments. 

These make it possible for people to save wisely and grow their money through different types of investments. And because UBL has been in business since 1947, they know what they're doing. 

They are constantly innovating, which means you can count on them for the latest technology like mobile banking and internet banking. For example, if you want to withdraw cash at an ATM you'll be able to do so without having your card scanned thanks to PIN technology. 

Plus, if your card is lost or stolen you'll be able to report this instantly via phone call instead of waiting in line at the bank branch - talk about convenience! 

With its unique customer service standards set high by providing customers with outstanding quality service anytime day or night - it's no wonder UBL BANK OF PAKISTAN Business is on top. 

Their motto? Customer Service First. The entire company has a culture that promotes service excellence. From operational excellence to process management, customer satisfaction is paramount to everything else. 

That's why every employee knows their job goes far beyond just transactions - they are here to serve customers too! In addition to all of their other qualities, they are very aware that they must be sensitive to their customers' needs. 

For instance, in order to take care of Muslim women who wear headscarves, there are branches where female tellers work exclusively. In some regions where violence against women is rampant, female employees travel together for safety reasons. 

UBL takes pride in being an equal opportunity employer with a commitment towards diversity and inclusion. In fact, 14% of senior leadership positions are held by women while 45% of total staff is made up of females! Women also make up 10%+of leadership positions globally (in some countries 40%). 

Women represent 20%+of the Board in Europe while being underrepresented elsewhere. In Pakistan, they are 26% of the board. In the U.S., they are 17%. Globally, they hold 18% of executive officer positions. 

Along with their support for women in the workforce, UBL invests in education for girls and opportunities for women entrepreneurs through a dedicated initiative that includes microfinance programs. 

Suffice it to say, UBL is not one of those banks that you don't think twice about going to - there's a reason it's #1 in customer service! So next time you are in the market for a new mortgage, CD or checking account - be sure to stop in and see the team at UBL. 

They'll be happy to meet with you and help you with whatever banking needs you may have. You can find a list of their locations on the UBL website. If you are interested in getting more information or opening a.

UBL account, click the Apply Now button at the bottom of their page. When you click on it, you will be taken to a short form with three fields that need to be filled out - email address, name and contact number. 

This will generate an email that will send all the necessary details to open a UBL account. It will also request a visit to one of their branches. 

They'll be ready and able to assist you from there! UBL Bank of Pakistan is the only financial institution in Pakistan with an exclusive tie up with China's Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC). 

This makes it easier for customers to get loans through ICBC or transfer funds from their UBL account to an ICBC account overseas. 

The customer service at UBL is second it on one, making it the perfect place for any banking needs you might have. With over 1800 branches across the country, you're never too far away from friendly bankers and knowledgeable staff ready to answer your questions. 

As for international transfers, UBL has recently partnered with Western Union so money can now be transferred internationally without the hassle of having to go through multiple companies. 

Their partnership with Western Union gives them even more reach as their clients no longer have limits placed on how much money they can send abroad which is great news for families who rely on remittances for survival! 

Plus, when transferring funds overseas with UBL, foreign currency exchange rates are cheaper than most other institutions. For example, if you want to change.


Pakistani Rupees into Euros for a holiday abroad then do so with UBL instead of giving yourself less by exchanging your hard-earned cash elsewhere. Let's face it: we all want the best bang for our buck and nobody wants to spend more than they need to.

4#About Our Branches

UCL's branches are located all over the country and are staffed with highly I trained professionals. With a wide range of services, competitive rates, and a helpful staff.

UBL is here to meet your banking needs. Visit one of our branches in Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad or Multan today. For more information about any branch please call and ask for customer service. 

You may also request an account application by phone or email and it will be mailed to you. 

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our many locations! If you need help finding the location nearest to you, just give us a call and we'll gladly point you in the right direction. 

Our staff are always willing to answer questions, so don't hesitate to stop in and see them if you're unsure about anything . It doesn't matter what time of day you visit, they'll always be happy to see you! 

And with such low rates on everything from foreign currency exchange to home loans, there's no reason not to get started on that financial future. The best part? With free online banking and bill pay available 24/7, managing your money has never been easier. 

Don't wait another minute - contact us today and let us show you why UBL is the bank for you! This entry was posted on May 31, 2016 at 12:25 pm. I want to extend a personal thanks to every single person who has come through our doors and invested their trust in us. 

Without you, none of this would have been possible. I hope that we can continue to make your life better every single day. Whether you're looking to start a family, buy your first house, go back to school, or retire after decades of hard work - we've got you covered. 

Whatever stage of life you're in, there's nothing better than having peace of mind and security knowing that someone cares enough to provide the best products and services at fair prices. 

We offer checking accounts, savings accounts, business accounts, retirement accounts and certificates (for those who need some extra cash flow!), as well as personal loans for all those emergencies that crop up out of nowhere. 

We've expanded internationally too! Did you know that UBL operates within a number of countries around the world? We do, and we're expanding even more. Have you considered opening an account abroad? 

Not only does international banking offer numerous benefits when transferring funds between currencies, but it also offers protection against fluctuating global market forces - and lower fees too! Let us tell you how easy it is to open an international account with UBL. 

Simply pick up the phone and call customer service. Tell them where in the world you'd like to open an account, then they'll take care of all the rest! There are currently over 60 countries worldwide where we operate. That includes UAE, India, South Korea, China, Australia - even Mongolia!

5#About Us

At UBL, we are a new generation bank. We see ourselves as an institution that is geared to meet the needs of a changing society and provide financial services in a highly competitive environment to all segments in society. 

We believe that our business practices should reflect this ethos. To achieve this, we have put in place rigorous systems and processes that not only govern how we function internally but also how we conduct our business with others. 

Our commitment to these values underpins everything we do at UBL. These values are built on three pillars: Customer Focus, People First and Performance Excellence. 

The customer is at the heart of everything we do; it is essential for us to listen to what they need and build a strong relationship based on trust. In doing so, we work closely with them towards achieving their goals by providing products and services that address their individual requirements. 

For example, through our one-to-one customer service interactions and by looking into unique solutions tailored specifically for them. 

We focus on people first because without people there would be no customers or transactions; they are the backbone of any organisation. 

Therefore, developing the skillset of our people is key to success - from those who serve customers through those who ensure our operations run smoothly day I in day I out; making sure that everyone plays their part in making UBL what it is today. 

By constantly striving to improve, we aim to make every process more efficient, more cost effective and ultimately better for our customers. If it doesn't add value, then why bother? 

Whether that's a process or product, if something isn't performing well then we won't hesitate to review whether its worth retaining or scrapping altogether. 

Finally, performance excellence means always going beyond the standards set for us and maintaining the highest levels of quality in everything we do; anything less than exceptional just wouldn't do. 

We know that meeting these values is tough and requires hard work, honesty and integrity on an ongoing basis. It will help us grow even stronger as a company; resilient enough to deal with change and get back up when life throws challenges our way.

There's nothing easy about building a legacy for future generations but when you're working hard towards shared objectives whilst being guided by sound principles it does get easier. 

And this is what inspires us here at UBL, knowing that our successes will enrich the lives of generations to come. That's why we try our best every single day and look forward to meeting new challenges head on. It's an exciting time to be part of UBL. 

Technology has changed our world and, within the banking industry, we've embraced it. Gone are the days of opening hours limited to 9am-5pm, now we can transact 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

As long as we have access to our smartphone or computer, all of our banking needs are literally at our fingertips. With the UBL mobile app, we are able to take care of many routine tasks and stay on top of our finances. 

When it comes to safeguarding our money, we employ stringent security measures to protect both our data and physical assets. We store personal data with the utmost confidentiality and use appropriate technical, physical and organisational measures to protect against fraud and other risks. 

For added security, we recommend that all mobile devices should have PIN codes or passwords in order to prevent unauthorized access. We also encourage all customers to enable.

Touch ID on their iPhone as a protection measure against unauthorised use of their device by others. We have a range of products and services to suit all budgets, so regardless of your circumstances we'll find the perfect solution. 

From savings accounts, current accounts and credit cards to home loans, car loans, trade finance, Islamic banking products and investments we offer a wide variety of options to suit your needs. 

This includes Shariaa' compliant Islamic Banking services which give our customers greater choice and the opportunity to bank according to their beliefs. 

For those of you who want some guidance with managing your personal wealth or business cash flow, we offer tailor-made solutions that include specialised overdrafts, merchant cash advances and foreign exchange services.

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